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Friday Feature: Ranch with a View

November 16, 2012

Stairs never really bothered me…until I had a child.  Now I haul a 30 lb toddler up and down our 13 steps about a thousand times every day. In between trips, I daydream about single-story living.  What would it be like? Would we stop piling our shoes on the landing and start putting them…oh I don’t know…in our closets? Without the need for babygates, would my two-year-old walk down the hall on her own and put herself to bed at 7pm every evening?

Well, maybe that’s wishful thinking, but ranch living is appealing for lots of reasons.  And these homes offer a little extra: beautiful views. Check out these one-story gems that are for sale now with Century 21 Excellence. See something you like? Call the office at 614-863-0180 to get more info!

Isn’t this Pickerington home pretty? I love those arches, and look at that screened in porch! Call Morgan Phillips at 614-863-0180 for details.

Look at this spectacular house! All the privacy of a cabin in the woods, but it’s right in Gahanna.  And you can take in that awesome view from the screened in porch or the deck.  Call Nikki Dinardo with the C.O.R.E. team at 614-863-0180 for details.

Another home with a beautiful view! This one is in Hide Away Hills…sigh.  I love the finishes on the cabinets and those wood floors are so unique and high end.  Call Tim Russel at 614-863-0180 and start looking at fishing boats!

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  1. David permalink
    November 16, 2012 7:28 pm

    I so want to run away to hide away hills! That place looks super relaxing! Let’s go!

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