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Pretty Chalkboards for All

November 29, 2012

I’ve been seeing such pretty chalkboards all over the Internet lately.  I wanted to make one so badly, but unfortunately, I am no calligrapher.  As a matter of fact, my handwriting is pretty terrible, so free-handing text on a chalkboard was a no go.  Plus, I wanted it to be fancy and flourishy.  So, I cheated.  I used the same technique that I used in high school to forge my mom’s signature.  Here’s how to do it yourself:

Supplies: printouts, chalk, a ballpoint pen or a pencil, small paintbrush and water (for erasing mistakes) and, of course, a chalkboard.

First, color all over the back of your printouts with chalk.  Make sure you really cover it completely.

Then, lay your text over the chalkboard and start tracing with a pen or a pencil.  Check frequently to make sure your lines are transferring.

Once you’ve traced your words, you’ll have a faint outline of each letter.  Go over it all in chalk and fill in the letters.  Use your little paintbrush as an eraser to keep all your lines nice and neat.

I think it came out pretty good!  Now, my chalkboard is really terrible–I spray painted a piece of particle board with chalkboard paint, like 5 years ago.  If you have a store-bought one, or if you used the brush-on chalkboard paint, you’ll have a much smoother surface to work with.  Try it!

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