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5 Quick and Easy DIY Garlands

December 4, 2012

Last weekend, David, Ruby, and I ventured out to the wilds of the red and white tent in the Home Depot parking lot to pick out our Christmas tree.  As usual, we were drawn to, and purchased, the tallest Fraser Fir that would fit in our living room. Every year, we remind ourselves that what we really need is a 7 foot tall, narrow tree. This year, we even measured to ensure that we would have the Ideal Diameter (3.5′).  And then we get to the lot and head right to the 8-9 foot section, pick a giant tree, and fret all the way home that it won’t fit in the room. Some years it fits, some years…well, it’s nothing that a hacksaw can’t fix.

Maybe you’re not holiday maximalists like us, but that’s no excuse to leave your house unadorned. A little garland around a doorway or over the mantle might be the perfect thing to add a bit of sparkly holiday cheer to your home this season. These pretty garlands all come together with minimal time and supplies, so put on The Grinch and hang up your new garland before he slices the roast beast.

Image from

Yay for candy cane stripes! And the only tools you need for this one are scissors, a needle and a bit of thread.

Twisted Felt Garland from Purlbee

Image from Twig & Thistle

Gather up some pinecones on your next walk around the neighborhood (or just buy a bag of them from Michael’s, I won’t judge) and put together this garland in less than 30 minutes. 

DIY Pinecone Garland from Twig & Thistle

leaf garland

Pick up a pile of green felt, a pair of sharp scissors and a bit of ribbon to make this pretty green garland.

Christmas Leaf Garland from Me Oh My! Mama

crepe paper garland

Image from A Field Journal

If you have a sewing machine and can do a straight(ish) line, you can make this garland in minutes! There are instructions for this in the comments, but all you need to do is set your machine to the longest stitch at loose tension and sew down the middle of a crepe paper streamer.  It ruffles itself!

Crepe Paper Garland from A Field Journal

Image from

Image from

Jellybeans beat cranberries every time.  Plus, they won’t rot.  Because nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit more than plucking a moldy popcorn and rotten cranberry garland off the tree. You are going to have to trust me on this one. 

Popcorn, Jellybean, and Sprinkles Garland from Cirkus

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  1. David permalink
    December 4, 2012 10:32 am

    That pincecone garland is perfect. I love the color of the ribbon and the simplicity. I think that the variety of differently sized pinecones would also look great.

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