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Friday Feature: Cozy Fireplaces

December 7, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone! Despite the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, our fireplace has been getting its fair share of use.  It was on all day today, as a matter of fact, and doing double duty as a heat source and a dryer of Ruby’s favorite doll, Bigdoll (I know you are impressed with our creativity in doll naming), who needed an emergency bath this morning (WILL POTTY TRAINING NEVER END?).

…Anyway…what was I saying? Oh, right, fireplaces.  Check out these new listings in Central Ohio and their warm and cozy fireplaces! See something you like? Call (614-863-0180) or email ( Century 21 Excellence today to find out more!

Love those exposed beams and the raised hearth in this Columbus home.  I remember drinking warm vanilla milk at a hearth just like this one when I was a kid. It make the perfect table.  Call Keith Benner at 614-863-0180 for more info.

I think that some long drapes, hung near the ceiling would do wonders for this living room.  And this home has a wonderful kitchen, as well–it’s worth checking out! Interested? Call Ric Smith at 614-863-0180.

A fireplace in the kitchen? Yes, please. This home is seriously gorgeous.  And it has a barn, so you know I’m in.  And I know you are peeking at that lovely kitchen, you nosey thing, and who can blame you? So here’s a picture:

Pretty, right? This is another of Ric Smith’s listings, so give him a call at 614-863-0180 if you’d like to take a look.


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