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10 Easy and Modern DIY Ornaments

December 13, 2012

I understand the nostalgic draw behind letting kids make home made Christmas ornaments, but I don’t get why they all seem to be so terribly ugly–and they use so many supplies! Glitter, stickers, Mod Podge, beads, sequins, etc. I mean, who has time to do all that during the holidays? Luckily, most people have some bare bones crafting stuff in their house, so I found 10 DIY ornaments that use what you’ve got–paper, scissors, and staples or tape. And they look pretty darn good, to boot.  Enjoy making these with your kids, or by yourself–trust me, there are few things more relaxing and cathartic than cutting along a dotted line on paper.

These cool, mod ornaments from DesignSponge couldn’t be easier–just cut your strips and staple!

Check out these spheres from CraftyStylish. They seem a little fiddly, but the results are so pretty–like little balloons!

This may be the coolest ornament ever, and the template is so generously shared for free on One Quick Minute.  I think older kids would get a kick out of putting all these puzzle pieces together.

Add a little bling to your tree with these geometric gemstone shapes from MiniEco. Just download the free templates, cut and glue!

I made some of these pretty lacy snowflakes from How About Orange last year and they came out really cute! You make each point separately, and then staple or tape them together.

Another project from How About Orange, these orbs don’t even require tape! Just slide the flower-shaped pieces together and add a string.  Simple and very modern looking.

I love these little origami trees from the Etsy Blog, and half the fun is decorating them with bits and scraps, or use colored paper and leave them as is.

All of these ornaments are from PaperMatrix.  The stuff this lady can do with woven paper is sort of unreal–teddy bears, circus tents, theater stages… you should really check it out, if only just to gawk at what is possible.  Each pattern has a free template you can print, cut out and weave together, and there are some much simpler ones for younger kids, too.

I like how The Sweetest Occasion shows these trees made from old newspapers and book pages.  Very sophisticated for a DIY ornament, I think!

These woven ball ornaments look good in pretty much any type of paper–magazines, newspaper, book pages, or construction paper would all look great.  There are detailed instructions on The Cheese Thief to help you along.

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  1. David permalink
    December 13, 2012 3:43 pm

    Tots Adorbs. haha I just had to write this.

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