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Craigslist Bargains

December 18, 2012

Have you ever bought anything from Craigslist? Well, it’s not all beat up sofas for OSU students to burn after the next Michigan game win.  I have purchased quite a few pieces of furniture from Craigslist that I probably wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.  Most recently, I scored a brand new Pottery Barn sofa for just $200! If you’re put off by all the browsing, I’ve got good news for you–I went through the (awesome) Columbus Craigslist for you and picked out some of the best deals.  And they were all listed in the last 24 hours, so hurry up and contact these good folks soon so you don’t get beat out by someone else (me)!

A West Elm headboard and bed for $200? Yes, please.  West Elm beds usually run pretty close to $1,000, so this definitely qualifies as a steal.  This would make such a pretty guest bed and pairs equally well with flouncy, ruffly bedding and more tailored sets.

I am digging this industrial-meets-warm-wood-farmhouse table, and those bentwood chairs are very cool.  At $225 for the entire set, this would be great for a first home or apartment.

What a great solution for small kitchens! This is such a nice looking island, and so functional.  I have tiled counters, with 1/2 inch grout lines (NEVER TILE YOUR COUNTERS) and I’d love to have an alternate surface for preparing food, kneading dough, or rolling out cookies.

Have you seen these dollhouse bookshelves around? I think they are adorable.  This Pottery Barn one is probably so well made, it will last long enough for your child to outgrow it so you can re-resell it on Craigslist! It’s listed at $150, but similar ones are selling on Pottery Barn Kids’ website for almost $400!!

They sell a very similar bedframe to this one at Anthropologie for $1,700.  I am not kidding.  This one is only $600 and mom, if you are reading this, please buy it for me and bring it here to my house for Christmas.  Thank you.

One of the homes in the Friday Feature last week had a light-filled entryway with a church pew along the wall.  I just thought it was so pretty, but something like that can veer into “country” very quickly.  This one is very mid-century modern with that avocado upholstery.  And for just $75, I wish I had a long enough hallway to put it in.

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  1. Kola permalink
    December 18, 2012 9:19 am

    Yes, I too have found great items on Craigslist. Check out my page,

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