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How to Hang Pictures without Swearing

January 3, 2013

We got a bunch of new art this Christmas, which brings us pretty close to 50 pieces.  Our house is not very large, so I think we need to do a floor to ceiling arrangement in the living room to accommodate all these beautiful pictures. Problem: trying to line up all these different shapes, sizes and styles of frames on the wall is one of the most infuriating things ever.

Thank goodness for the Internet, which has given me tons of easy ideas for precise picture hanging without causing a brain aneurism.  If you would like to hang a few pictures up with the minimum amount of swearing, here are some ideas I’ve found: has a brilliant way to hang single pictures with multiple holes for nails/screws.  Just put tape on the back!



This is one of my favorite ideas for multiple pictures (from fancyfrugallife).  Lay out your frames, cover in wax paper, mark the places you need to put nails, transfer to the wall.  Smart.



This is so brilliant (from  Especially for stuff at work! Just make a copy and drill right into it.



Even though this one (from JustAGirl looks like it takes the most work, I think it’s how we’re going to end up doing it.  We just have so many different shapes and sizes, so I’ll feel better if I can see everything on the wall, but move things around easily before putting (more) holes in our poor wall.  I will post pictures when it’s done so you can see if it worked, or if our house caved in on itself from all the nail holes.

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