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Wallpaper on a Budget

January 15, 2013

Ah, wallpaper… I remember many a metallic, floral bathroom and burgundy paisley entryway from my childhood.  And who can forget the Southwestern style border that crowned my sister’s pink bedroom? Well, the humble border may not be coming back anytime soon (Cross your fingers), but there are some seriously beautiful wallpapers out there now.  Unfortunately, the nicest designs often come with pricetags that will make you have a stroke (seriously, don’t click those links if you have a heart condition), so f you want a high end look, you’re going to have to do some Internet Digging.

Today, I have done all the dirty work for you though, you lucky thing, so sit back and check out these beautiful budget (under $35 a roll) wallpaper options that you won’t be totally ashamed of in 10 years (probably).

This grasscloth wallpaper would be lovely in a bathroom or as an accent wall in a bedroom.  Very zen.

Brewster Wallcovering Grasscloth, $24

This textured wallpaper is meant to be painted, so you can really customize the look.  I think it would be lovely painted navy blue in a guest room.

Eden by Graham and Brown, $20.24

This bright geometric print would look awesome in a modern, white kitchen.

York Wallcoverings Bistro, $30

This subway map-inspired wallpaper is so cute and would be very cool in a transportation-themed toddler’s room, and would then easily transition to a big kid room.

York Wallcoverings Take the A Train, $34

And speaking of perfect for a kid’s room (or an office, or a family room), are these frames not the coolest? Tape up photos, postcards, grocery lists, sticky notes, and drawings, and poof, it’s framed art!

Frames by Graham and Brown, $26

I get that kitchen themed wallpaper in the kitchen is sort of extremely kitschy, but these modern line drawings are just speaking to me right now.  They are saying, “Put us on the wall behind that fold down Ikea table you used to have in that house in Philadelphia!”  I wish I had known about this paper then (although David is most likely heaving a sigh of relief).

Bistro Kitchen Contours Silhouettes, $30


Retro Leaves, $30

The extra large scale on this damask print keep it out of stodgy-land.  I love this and think it would look great on one wall of a dining room.

Lime Large Scale Damask, $32

This wallpaper may look homely, until I tell you this: IT IS COVERED IN GLITTER. Put this in your…I don’t really know where you would put this.  Everywhere would probably be best.

Bling Wallpaper, $33 (also comes in silver. Of course it does.)

Another cool paper for your office or bedroom.  This one features the world’s most famous cities, but the muted colors take some of that urban edge off.  Nice.

Great Expectations, $29

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