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Stop Losing Your Keys!

January 29, 2013

A lot of people want to get organized this year. I recently got to thinking about what, exactly, I can reasonably expect to clean up this year with a two-year-old chaos machine running around (today, she emptied the entire contents of our silverware drawer onto the kitchen floor. SO HELPFUL, these toddlers!). I decided that the best I can do is to cull my key ring and stop losing them constantly. So, I trashed all the superfluous keys on there, painted the tops of my main work and house keys with nail polish, so I can pick them out easily, and committed to hanging them on their little wall-hook right when I walk in the door, no excuses. This has changed my life. No more frantic searches through coat pockets and between couch cushions, just a simple pluck from the hook on my way out the door. Baby steps.

Lucky for you, there are some really awesome key hooks out there, so that you can get a tiny bit organized, like me! Trust me, this investment will change your life!

I have this in my virtual shopping cart. It may be time to hit the purchase button.

Home Tweet Home Key Holder, $25

This giant magnet does not require David to have an adorable birdie on his keychain, so that kind of stinks.

Jumbo Key Magnet, $13

Foxes are the new owls, or so I’ve been told. And this is one classy fella.

Fox Forestry Hook, $22

I like the idea of dropping your phone, wallet and keys in the same space, which would make it even easier to get out the door later on.

Accessory Stand, $26

This is a sleek and modern option, with or without your keys hanging from it.

Magnetic Bamboo Board, $24

This tandem bike is sweet.

Bike Rack Key Rack, $28

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