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Six Special Stairs

January 30, 2013

I have plain wooden stairs with white risers, and, while I don’t personally think I’ll ever decorate them beyond adding a runner, I’ve been enchanted by all the creative things folks have done with their stairways. Check out the examples below–would you ever do something like this?


These steps went from completely vanilla to something special with this ombre paint job. There’s a tutorial on Shelterrific, if you’d like to give it a try!



Stair risers would be the perfect place to use one of those expensive rolls of wallpaper, since a little bit goes such a long way. Image from DesignDublin.


I think everyone subconsciously counts the stairs as they climb. We have 14. These numbered stairs are from Lover Mother.


This staircase of favorite book spines has been all over the internet–I can’t even find the original source! I think it’s pretty great, though.



I can’t believe how sophisticated these rainbow stairs look. Without that prim wallpaper and grounded decor that surrounds the staircase, I think it would be too circus-y, but the combination is a definite win. Via House and Home.



Do you have a fever? A disco fever? Well, stick some mirror tiles to your risers and crank up I Will Survive. The weathered wood and traditional finishes surrounding these steps keep them from taking the disco train to crazyland. I found these on Remodelista, but they are from the portfolio of Polly Wreford.

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