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Last Minute Valentines

February 13, 2013

Do you do anything for Valentine’s Day? I’m usually still reeling a bit from the holidays to get too much into it, and David and I rarely get our act together enough to do anything special. Ruby, my 2 year old, is just old enough to have some little friends, though, so this year, we’re giving out a few sweets to them, and to the kind folks who babysit her.  Lord knows, I’m not one for proactive card-buying, so I put together our Valentines last night, with materials I’ve got on hand (paper, staples and ziploc bags).  Here’s what I came up with:

For the little kids who aren’t allowed to have sweets (mean parents), I put a Clementine in a zipper bag and made a little card to staple to the top.


And hey, your life just got a bit easier, because you can download the PDF for this card here: Oh My Darlin Happy Valentine’s Day!

It works on regular computer paper, but card stock is a bit nicer. I especially like how this picture highlights the claw marks on our dining room table from when our dog climbed up on it.  Sigh.


For the adults in our lives, I hand wrote a little message on a piece of card stock and taped a lollipop to it.  Isn’t this tape pretty? I got it at Michael’s and I’m using it on EVERYTHING.





I’m looking forward to handing out our little cards!

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