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9 Distinctive House Numbers

February 18, 2013

Often, adding curb appeal to your house involves time (and money!) consuming projects, like a new roof or paint job.  If you’re not ready to lay down thousands of dollars to update the exterior of your house, why not try some smaller changes, like changing out your old, boring house numbers? Check out these examples for some inspiration!

These tall, skinny numbers from House Beautiful fit that little space so well.



Can you believe these are just vinyl letters that you can get from Home Depot? This is a super cheap option, but it looks so classy and British, especially on a dark door like this one.  From DIY Showoff.



These modern numbers next to that hot pink door are great. From Modern House Numbers.



I like the idea of having the numbers right on the front door, and these extra large numbers make it easier for people like me, who can never see house numbers from the street. From Babble.



I’m pretty sure I’d be able to see this one from the street, though! From Live Urban Denver.



If you have a talent for keeping plants alive, this would be really cool! It would look awful if it died, though, so maybe go artificial if you have trouble in that department. From Decoration Channel.



These Neutra house numbers from Design Within Reach are pretty much the gold standard in modern house numbers.  I think these are pretty expensive at $24 apiece, but even if you have a 4 digit address, it’s cheaper than a new roof, right?



You can’t get too much cheaper than a box of nails, though.  I like this rustic, but modern diy option from Lotta Agaton.



Another inexpensive diy — string art! I love the marriage of a ’70s craft project and the modern font.  From A Nest for All Seasons.

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