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Thursday Night Snack

February 21, 2013

Hello, Thursday! It’s safe to say that we are all exhausted from the week now, right? I am. Don’t you think we deserve a little snack?

I’ve never really craved specific foods, but I do have a soft spot for any treat of the “warm and bready” variety. This means that there is often a homemade cake laying around here somewhere (you’re welcome, family). Sometimes, though, I really want something warm and bready at 11:30pm, but there is nothing suitable around, and then I cry a little. If things get really desperate, I will make a little mug of cake like this one:


And then I will go to bed happy. David and I call this our trashiest dessert. Basically, you put together cake ingredients (you already have them in your pantry! They want to become a little cake!), microwave them for a couple minutes, and then, less than five minutes from the moment you decided to start, you are nom-nom-nom-ing a coffee cake! I have made a bunch of different cake-in-a-mug recipes, and this one from Prudent Baby is my absolute favorite. You do need to have either sour cream or plain yogurt to make it, though, which I don’t always have. No worries, though–this chocolate one doesn’t require those fancy ingredients and is also delicious, if you’re into that sort of thing. Isn’t this the best weeknight snack?

I’m telling you, they are good enough to make a Thursday seem like a Friday.  Almost…


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