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Green Goes Gorgeous

March 6, 2013

Everyone wants to go green, but sometimes green technology is sort of….well, ugly. I mean, solar panels, rain barrels, compost heaps-not the most attractive features of a home. Green tech has come a long way, though! Trulia has rounded up a few homes that prove that green can be totally gorgeous! Don’t believe me? Look at these homes that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the environment.




This Laguna Beach property is spectacular (and for nearly $13 million, it better be), but it’s LEED Platinum certified, which is no small feat. Check it out here.





This idyllic Pennsylvania estate is sold fully furnished and if I had $8 million sitting around, I would make it mine. Surrounded by organic gardens and built with reclaimed materials, this property is more than just a pretty face. Check out the ridiculously beautiful pictures and info here.



This LEED Platinum certified California home boasts storage for 1,000 gallons of rainwater, and sustainable, recycled and reused building materials. Check out more pictures and information here.

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