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Luxurious Linen

March 18, 2013

Oh my goodness.  How many times will I write “Spring is coming!!” on this blog before it finally gets here? Well, whatever, I’m going to ignore the weeklong forecast of cloudy, barely above freezing days and do another optimistic spring post anyway.

I love linen in the spring and summer.  It’s a heavy fabric, but it always feels cool, it’s luxurious, but machine washable, and it gets better as you use it. Perfect! I’ve been seeing linen pop up in home decor lately, and I am thrilled.  It’s casual and comfortable and a wonderful texture for curtains, duvets and more.  Check out these lovely linen products to pick up for the spring (which better get a move on.  Seriously.).


1. Opaque Linen Pole Pocket Window Panel, $54-$74

2. Set of 2 Turkish Bath Towels, $44

3. Linen Bench Slipcover, $125

4. Linen Storage Basket, $39

5. Linblomma Duvet Cover, $80 for the Queen size.

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