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Insane Asylum Turned Condos

March 20, 2013

I’ve always thought it was charming when folks convert non-residential buildings into homes.  How awesome to live in a former public school, or an abandoned bow tie factory, for example.  And, besides the irresistable lure of theme-y decorating (chalkboards and school bus prints! framed bow ties!), which I would totally give in to, there is all that fun history to discover! But what about the less cheerful properties? You know, like a former morgue, or an abandoned prison.  I actually worked in a morgue-turned-office-building once and I can tell you, there was very little charm there. Also bats lived there. Can you believe that? Bats! How cliche.

Anyway, in Traverse City, Michigan, condos are currently under construction in an insane asylum that closed down in 1989.  An insane asylum. Even though the condos are light filled and lovely, I don’t think I could live there. It just seems like some bad juju to me.  Could you do it? I mean, assuming you had $500k to spend and some interest in living in Michigan? Check out the before and after pictures and read the full article on Huff Post before you decide.  Those befores are pretty creepy.

Before (obviously)




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