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Weekend Project: Grow Easter Grass

March 22, 2013

My sister and I always received awesome Easter baskets when we were kids, with all the obligatory treats: chocolate bunnies, large chocolate-covered eggs with coconut filling (to be eaten in thin slices, naturally), Jelly Belly jellybeans (pear was our favorite), bright yellow Peeps, and foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. I come from a very pro-candy family, as you can tell.  Around junior high, my mom started a new and extremely classy tradition when she threw out our old baskets and put our candies on paper plates instead.  But we were about to experience our greatest sugar high since October, so we weren’t picky about the delivery method.

Regardless of the vessel, one thing never varied: the nest of plastic green “grass” on which all our goodies rested.  I never really thought about the grass, except when I shook it out to make sure I had found every last jellybean, but it is sort of a pain in the neck, and regardless of its technicolor hue, it’s not all that environmentally friendly.  Fortunately, there is a super awesome alternative–real grass! I can’t believe we don’t all do this! It’s so pretty and so much cleaner than the fake stuff.  Plus, you can use your grass as a centerpiece all spring long! Easter is 9 days away–the perfect amount of time to grow your own lush bed of grass for your Easter treats.  Give it a try this weekend!


Click here for instructions to plant your own Easter grass this weekend!

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