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Living Hideouts

April 1, 2013

Do all children have secret hideouts? I think so.  When I was a kid, I would hide away between two forsythia bushes that were planted side-by-side in our yard.  They formed a little arch against our chain-link fence, so there was space for one or two preschoolers to sit inside.  I still remember how magical it felt every spring when we’d pull the branches down over the front and be completely encased in hundreds of tiny yellow flowers.

Although that was an unplanned living playhouse, there are plenty of ways to create a living shelter in your backyard out of fast-growing plants.  It’s way cheaper than actual wood or plastic playhouses, and in the fall, you can just cut it back or mow it down to be recreated next year.  Check out these examples for inspiration:

Get a complete diy tutorial to make your own willow playhouse on Raising Sparks.

For the cost of a package or two of sunflower seeds, you could have this incredible playhouse in July.  Spectacular! From Spoonful, but get a tutorial on Roots and Wings Co.

We grow beans every year–why don’t we make them into a teepee?? How awesome to be playing, and just pluck a snack from the wall of your house! From Joyful Toddlers 

I don’t even know what to say about this besides PLEASE SOMEBODY MAKE THIS HAPPEN IN MY YARD. From Lil Bumpkin Baby.

Put a little effort into this now, and you will be the most awesome parent ever by the time school lets out.  Guaranteed.

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