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Many Moons

April 9, 2013

This past weekend, I heard a short story on the radio about the moon gradually moving further and further from the Earth. The story was fictional, but I discovered that the moon is doing this very thing–moving away from the Earth at one nanometer per hour (about as fast as your fingernails grow) (ew). The moon is so beautiful and iconic–it’s sad and sort of alarming to think it is creeping away from us.

Anyway, in honor of this weird and slightly depressing new information, I thought I’d do a bit of a round-up of lovely moon art to keep our lovely nighttime friend as close as we can! Moons and stars are natural decor for bedrooms and nurseries.  Pale, mysterious, serene and minimal, the moon is the perfect thing to look at while you drift off to sleep.  Check out these prints in all budgets and bring the moon a little closer!

Moon art

1. The Original Lunar Phase Calendar, $8 (I have this and love it.  So simple and beautiful.)

2. Blue Moon Field Screen Print, $35

3. La Lune Screen Print, €50

4. Half Moon Linocut, $24

5. Vintage Astronomical Diagram, $227

6. 12 Vintage Astronomy Prints, $255

7.  A Trip to the Moon Movie Poster, $17

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