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Container Garden Inspiration

April 10, 2013

A dear friend of mine planted a garden outside of her first floor apartment last summer. It was a lovely little oasis under the bedroom windows, but it was a little bit…well….against the rules. But what heartless landlord or building maintenance person would object to a bit of beauty? Maybe you can see where this is going. This spring, the lawn care folks ripped the whole thing out while my friend was at work! It was a sad day, but she is resolved to come back stronger than ever with a lush (and legal) container garden.

So for her, and for all the yardless among us, I’ve rounded up the most beautiful and inspiring container gardens on the Internet. Enjoy and start planting!

Apartment Therapy featured this incredible garden several years ago. I can’t believe that these huge and lush plants are all in containers!

This vertical succulent garden is pretty spectacular and has such a small footprint! Succulents come in so many different colors and textures that this is pretty much a piece of art.

These cinderblock garden walls have certainly made the rounds on home and garden blogs, and for good reason. Cinder blocks are cheap, you can plant anything in the holes, and when you move, you can easily take apart the whole thing.


All these little pots everywhere give this container garden a quaint, cottagey feel. I love it!


These sprouts on a ladder look so cool. And again, a small footprint for a bunch of plants.


Pallets have become the must-have diy material lately, but this vertical pallet garden is very versatile and easy to do.


This plant stand is such a beautiful way to show off those pretty plants and pots.



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