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Garden Hoses that Won’t Make You Crazy

April 11, 2013

We’ve been enjoying a gorgeous warm front here, and with that comes a lot of yard work.  Our garden beds were full of scraggly, dead plants from last year and we had about a million spring bulbs that we wanted to get into the ground, so there was a lot of raking, digging, planting, and watering going on.  The only thing that brought me down during all this springtime beauty was lugging the tangly, kinked up garden hose all over the yard.  There are a few tasks in life that truly drive me crazy (plugging things in behind a bed or couch, when recipes call for margarine, and hooking up laptops to projectors are some examples that come to mind), and dealing with a garden hose is one of them.  They are just so heavy and wet and leaky and covered in grass and dirt…

It’s possible that I’m just not cut out for gardening, but apparently there are people out there who share my hose frustrations, because there is a plethora of tangle-free, retractable options available.  I just informed David that I’m throwing away the old hoses tonight.

The Water Right 50 ft Coil Garden Hose ($38.30) is a bit pricey, but it has awesome reviews and it’s completely lead free, so it’s safe to drink from, which ensures that my toddler can have all the fun memories of drinking out of a hose, without all that pesky lead poisoning.

This is a similar product, the Orbit Lawn and Garden 50 ft. Coil Hose & Spray Nozzle ($28.05).  It’s a bit cheaper, but doesn’t have the lead-free feature.  People seem to like it, though, and it comes with a spray nozzle, which is nice.

There are several of these expanding hoses, including an As Seen On TV one, but many of them seem to lack durability, which is especially problematic if you have to drag your hose across concrete or decking.  The Rumford Gardener 75 Feet Expanding Hose has the best reviews and looks to be more sturdy than the others.  This kind of hose is made of nylon fabric, so they are super lightweight.

The most expensive options are hoses that have a retracting reel to suck them back in when you’re done.  They all seem to be upwards of $100, which is a bit rich for my blood, but they seem clean and convenient. This RL FloMaster 65′ Retractable Hose has great reviews and, at $110, is on the cheaper end of the spectrum for these guys.

Wishing you happy and stress-free gardening!

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