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Turntables for the Rest of Us

April 15, 2013

I know, you saw the title of this post and thought, “Not another hipster who’s going to go on and on about ‘vinyls’ and the ‘warmer sound’ blah blah blah.”  Hear me out, though! Last Father’s Day, I got David a little record player and we’ve had such a great time amassing a little collection of albums (mostly showtunes. ahem). Here are my top 3, rarely cited reasons why I love records:

1. They are durable. I have a two year old, and I don’t really get nervous about her handling our records or even putting them on the turntable.

2. They are cheap. Obviously, if you are buying new albums, they will cost roughly the same as any other medium, but our records are mostly from the ’70s and we have never paid more than $5 for one.

3. They look cool.

If you’re thinking of getting a record player of your own, there are some seriously good looking ones available that aren’t too terribly expensive.  Check these out and start your own little collection! These may not be the turntables you’d get if you were about to DJ at your local nightclub, but let’s just assume we are all just normal, regular folks, who would just like to listen to the soundtrack from Funny Girl on occasion.



1. Crosley Mini Turntable, $59 This is the one we have and I absolutely love it.  The speakers are integrated and the cool, retro look is pretty adorable.

2. Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable, $81

3. Pyle Retro Belt-Drive Turntable with USB-to-PC Connection, $75

4. Pyle Retro Belt-Drive Turntable with Am/FM Radio, $60

5. AV Room Portable USB Turntable, $160, but really, who cares about the price? Look at this adorable thing!

6. Ion AudioPortable USB Turntable with Software and Built-in Speaker, $90

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