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April Showerheads

April 18, 2013

Every time I move into a new home or apartment, one of the first things I do is install a new shower head in the main bathroom.  I try to always go with a water conserving model that has a wide face.  If you take a shower every day, I think that finding the perfect showerhead and spending a little money on it makes sense. And it’s such an easy installation–pretty much, if you can open and close a bottle of soda, you can replace your showerhead.

Here are some nice options, all for less than $35, that will make your shower feel a bit mor luxurious. 

This Light in the Box Rainfall LED Shower Head ($33) would be a major upgrade to your standard shower fixtures.  I’m not sure if the red and blue LED temperature indicators would make me happy or drive me crazy, though. 

I currently use the Waterpik AquaScape Oval Showerhead ($30), and I like it pretty well.  It’s a little strange-looking, but you do get that rainfall effect, which is cool.

The Culligan Raindisc Showerhead with Filter is intriguing.  I like the design, and I also like the idea of filtering out the chlorine in our water so that it doesn’t dry out my hair and skin. 

The All-Directional Chrome Shower Head ($26) would be great for those of us who are taller than their fixture’s height.  And a snazzy design as well!

I like the look of this American Standard FloWise Water Saving Shower Head ($34).  And it will save you some money on your water bill!


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