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Quirky Office Supplies

April 22, 2013

Last week, my husband David was in Savannah for a few days (I love that I can write that like it was no big deal, but actually, 4 days alone with a 2 year old are a VERY BIG DEAL. Anyway, moving on) and to thank him for all his hard work, his coworker got him a coffee mug to use at the office, with short “interventions” printed on it, which are funny because David is a therapist.

Anyway, it got me thinking this Monday morning about fun little office supplies that can help to brighten your mood while you…do whatever it is you do at your desk. So I am on the hunt for some fun, but well-designed stuff to put on your desk.  Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Office Supplies

1.Elephant Organizer, $20 

2. Teeth Magnets, $5 I think the gold one would make you seem very edgy.  

3. Test Tube Office Supply Set, $20

4. You Sunk My USBattleship Hub, $21

5. All the Right Notes File Folder, $11

6. Animal Perpetual Calendar, $15

7. Dachshund Letter Holder, $32

8. Message in a Bottle Flash Drive, $28

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