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4 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling – Trulia

May 10, 2013

Several years ago, we sold our little row home in Philadelphia, and it was so stressful.  Our realtor was great and we had lots of showings on the house, but it still took months to sell it.  The whole process was such a rollercoaster–keeping the house clean enough to show, having strangers walk through it, figuring out what to do with the dog while said strangers were walking through, getting our hopes up at the slightest bit of positive feedback, only to be let down when no offer came in.  Ugh.  If you’re ready to get your house sold, like, yesterday, check out Trulia’s latest article, which highlights some reasons why your home is sitting on the market.  Also, if you’re in Central Ohio, contact Century 21 Excellence, and they’ll help you on your way.

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Trulia points out that there are really only three things you can do to get your home to sell: change the condition of the property, wait till the market improves, and change the list price. When I was selling my house, I found statements like this enormously comforting.  Why worry about all the stuff you can’t control? You can’t change your crazy neighbors, or quiet down the street noise, but you can paint the walls and make some improvements that you’ve been putting off. Focus on what you can fix, and get busy! And if you need a bit of help, call Century 21 Excellence!

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