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May Flowers

May 22, 2013

All those crazy April showers have really paid off this year. The peonies started opening last weekend, and the blossoms are nearly as big as my head–the whole yard smells like heaven. Our dainty little bleeding heart plant produced more flowers than I ever remember, too. And the few bulbs that the squirrels didn’t dig up and eat are looking like something from the Amazon.  So much color out there! It’s making me think of bringing some floral elements indoors to enjoy year round.  I pulled together a  flower-crazy room, and I really like the way it looks! I don’t think I could actually live with all these crazy patterns everywhere, but I am certainly considering picking up one or two things that will remind me of this lovely spring. 

May Flowers

1. Midsummer Light Pendant, $112

2. Life is Beautiful Print, $35

3. Botanical Print, $55

4. Plum and Bow Flower Sketch Curtains, $39/panel

5. Karlstad Chair, $129

6. Hand-Tufted Floral Blue Rug, $306

7. Sumela Settee, $2,898

8. Ceramic Garden Stool, $229



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