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Nightlights: Buy or DIY

June 6, 2013

In our house (and, I suspect, in many homes where a toddler resides), sleep is everything.  My 2 year old’s room is equipped with blackout shades that keep it dark, even on these bright summer nights, not that it stops her from waking up at 6am every day.  Lately, though, she seems a bit scared of the dark, so I think a nightlight may be in order.  I haven’t decided yet whether I want to make one myself, or if I should just click buy and be done with it.  Either way, I’ve got some pretty great options–look at my list of finalists!



Boon Glo Night Light, $65 (a bit pricey, but those little balls are portable!)

3″ Bird Nightlight, $17

Uncle Milton’s Moon in My Room, $20

Woodland Nightlight, $11


DIY Starry Night Nightlight – This could be customized for her sign!

Tiny Mouse House, You’d have to get this installed, but can you even imagine how adorable??

DIY Houses by Night, I’d love to take pictures of houses that are special to us and use those (I’m thinking grandparents’ homes)

Foxlight, This is just too much cuteness.  Seriously.




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