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GreenWorks Electric Lawn Mower Review

July 16, 2013

Hey, All! This is Jillian’s husband, David.  Jillian asked me to review our new lawn mower for the blog, so if you’re the unfortunate lawn maintenance person in your family, I hope this helps!

I begin each spring with endless hope that the summer season will bring a bounty of flowers, veggies, and backyard parties.  In the end I am overwhelmed by the heat and usually retreat into the cool of the house, and sometimes when the evening hours after dark are acceptable I am known to frequent a porch swing.

This makes for a very difficult relationship with my lawn.  To add insult to injury, my neighbors basically run the garden club.  One set of neighbors spends endless hours on Saturdays tending to lush ferns with small hand clippers and a shop vac to pick up all the cast off fronds. Another neighbor mows his lawn in perfect diamonds every weekend even though his lawn is no bigger than a postage stamp.  I on the other hand am happy if I get around to mowing the lawn once a week.   I feel it is a great success simply to have the lawn tidy enough that my two year old can walk in it without weeds hitting her in the eyes.

Last year I hired a local mowing company to tend to the lawn, thinking it would leave me more time to tend the flowerbeds.  In the end, the shame of spending money on a job an able bodied person should be able to do while I watch my older neighbors manage it alone was too much and this year I relented and decided I would handle the mowing on my own.  Of course, I needed a new lawn mower…  any old thing would simply not suffice.

So I began my search.  I started of course on Amazon to read reviews and cross referencing my results Youtube to watch videos of various individuals discussing why they purchased a certain model and how it was measuring up.  I was quickly drawn to the electric mowers.  Let’s just be honest here – I am confused by gas engines, oil, and maintenance.  (Why does my mower need a carburetor? Is this two stroke? I have no idea)  Thus the electric variety, with it’s promised zero maintenance was a selling point for me.

I started to look at what was available in my area and found I would be unable to find many electric mowers at my local big box home improvement store or local family owned retailers.

So after reading reviews, I settled on the Greenworks 12-amp Plug In 20 inch mower.  I have been impressed thus far with the mower and would say it has lived up and exceeded some of my expectations.  The mower was easy to setup.  I only had to open the box, lift the mower out, and extend the handle.  It secured easily with a few bolts and I was ready to go.  The handle can also easily unscrew for compacted storage.

I purchased this item in particular as it came with both the mulching plug and grass clipping bag.  I see all my neighbors’ bagging their clippings so I figured it was the thing to do.  The bag fixes easily to the back of the mower and I think it holds a surprising amount.

I have also been impressed that not once has this mower become bogged down when mowing even tall or wet grass.  A few times this summer I found myself needing to mow on a Saturday morning before we left town for trips and the mower was still able to handle damp grass.  Other times when I have returned from vacation and the grass was 5-6 inches tall, the mower was able to handle it quickly and still maintained an even mow.

I think the best feature of this mower is the easy to use height adjustment located on the deck of the mower.  With one quick lever I am able to easily adjust the height of the mower.  Count me impressed!

The difficult part for me was developing a system to manage the cord.  The first few times I mowed I needed to stop numerous times to rewrap the cord or move it out of my way.  As I adjusted to the mower, I have developed a system for mowing the lawn in a direction that allows me to keep the cord to my left and out of the way.  I would say in my experience that has been the only negative to this mower.

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