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American Castles

July 23, 2013

Yesterday, we all dropped one more place in the succession to the throne of England. Maybe we’ll never claim a bedroom in Buckingham Palace, but, hey, this is America! We have our own castles that anyone (with enough money) can call their own! Let’s take a look at some of our best castles!

This is Boldt Castle, in New York.  It was abandoned shortly after it was built, and is now a public attraction.

Castello di Amorosa may look medieval, but it was just completed in 2007! It’s now a vineyard, which produces small batches of wine in the cellars underneath the castle.

This is Hammond Castle, in Massachusetts. It was built in the late ’20s and can be toured by the public, or rented privately, if you want to be royal for a week or so. 

‘Iolani Palace is actually our only true palace, since it had actual royalty living there. Located in Honolulu, it was once the home of King Kalakaua and his sister and successor, Queen Liliuokalani until the monarchy was overthrown.  You can still visit for a tour or attend classes or concerts there all year long!

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