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Low-Tech Mosquito Repellant

July 24, 2013

From around 5:00 till 10:00 every night, our backyard hosts about a million mosquitoes. Although in the heat of the swarm, my first instinct is to soak my skin in some deep woods, 100% DEET poison, we typically buy the “all natural” stuff, which, frankly, barely works at all.  Recently, I read in the New York TImes a fantastic, inexpensive, low tech way to keep the bugs at bay.  A way that is endorsed by the American Mosquito Control Association and, as an extra bonus, won’t give you cancer.


A fan! Mosquitoes may be fierce, but they are weak flyers and the gentle wind created by a box fan, or an oscillating fan on the porch is enough the deter them.  Plus, a little breeze on a summer evening is obviously a welcome relief–especially with the heat we’ve been seeing the past few weeks.  So, enjoy your outdoor spaces without fear!

Image: Lasko 20″ Box Fan from Amazon, $20

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