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The Nest Learning Thermostat

July 29, 2013

Good morning! David, here!

In the last few years I have become enamored with home automation.  I’ve looked into lights that could be controlled with my iPhone, locks that could be opened with a fingerprint, and don’t even get me started on my iRobot Roomba fascination (ours is named Brian).

In the end though, I am often left feeling like the technology just isn’t ready.  I imagine a home where I walk in and it just knows me.  While my experience has been far from seamless, there is one piece of equipment that really has me hooked.

The Nest learning thermostat is going to be my next home improvement.  It’s simple to hook up, and can save money, energy, and, perhaps most importantly, make your home more consistently comfortable. After it’s installed, it starts learning your routines—when you’re home, when you like things warmer or cooler, how long your heat and a/c take to change the temperature of your home—and after a while, it starts anticipating your needs.

It can be controlled by the beautiful wall dial (designed by the same guy who did the first iPod!), or by your smartphone or tablet, as long as you’ve got wifi. And, since it connects to your home wifi, it receives weather information, so if you suddenly get a few gorgeous 70 degree days, like we’ve been having here, it can adjust for that.

The Nest thermostat is in its second revision.  The new revision offers a few more features for certain types of home heating and air conditioning systems. If the newest features aren’t particularly striking, you can always look up getting a used first generation Nest thermostat from ebay and maybe get this high tech gadget in your home and save a few bucks off the list price. the newest model runs about $250, but you can get a 1st generation one for well under $200, if you poke around.

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