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Tips for Taking Pictures of Your Property

August 6, 2013

As the child of a realtor, I have vivid memories of thumbing through my mom’s phonebook-sized MLS book, which listed every home for sale in our area, along with thumbnail photos of each house, and its respective features. Back then, buyers didn’t really have access to the listings, and you really had to see a home in person to know what it looked like inside. Nowadays, folks can browse homes through real estate websites, and other sites like Trulia, and see photos of every room in a home, including the yard.  These photos are a huge part of your home’s marketing, so it pays to make them as good as they can be.  Here are some tips for making your pictures work for you.

1. Clear off every surface. Your collections and family photos are so cute! Now, put them away for a minute, so buyers can imagine their own stuff there. Clear counters, tables and shelves give a feeling of calm and space. Think of your favorite hotel rooms–the decorations are minimal.

2. Let the sunshine in! Take your pictures on a sunny afternoon and pull back curtains and blinds to let in lots of natural light. A room flooded with sunlight looks cleaner, brighter and bigger.

3. Show off you home’s best features. What makes your home special? Is it the wide plank wood floors, the fancy arched doorways, the upgraded hardware? Don’t be afraid to take a few closeups of the best parts of your home.

4. Clean up. This probably should go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how many photos I see of homes that really could’ve used a quick dust and vacuum.

5. Simplify your furniture. Do you have a guest bedroom/office/sewing room like I do? Consider removing some furniture and clutter to make the room have a single, clear purpose.  You don’t want buyers to think you don’t have enough space (even if you actually….don’t).

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