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Labor Day Events

August 30, 2013

What are you doing for Labor Day? David and I are hosting a little barbecue. Well, actually it’s just a dinner–who wants to stand over a hot grill in 90 degree heat? If you don’t have plans yet, and you’re in Central Ohio, there’s no shortage of things to do. Festival season is in full swing, and there are SO MANY of them this weekend, it’s almost ridiculous. Here’s a partial listing of the ones that look like the most fun!

The Greek Festival in Columbus seems like the best if you like good food and folksy music and entertainment. If I didn’t have this dinner to host, that’s where I’d be.

The Sweet Corn Festival just screams end-of-summer deliciousness.

The Sunflower Festival in Frankfort sounds pretty beautiful, though.

The Milan Melon Festival in Milan is almost too small-towny to pass up. And what better snack at this time of year that ripe melon?

I’ve been to the Popcorn Festival in Marion and it was lots of fun–and smelled great!

Of course, you can always lace up your corset and prepare for food on a stick at the Renaissance Festival in Harveysburg. I’ve been to this, too (don’t judge) and had a blast.

Whatever you do this weekend, make some time to kick back and relax from all your labors–you’ve earned it!

Portsmouth River Days features free nightly entertainment and a beautiful riverside setting.

Image: Summer Carnival Swing Ride, $25


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