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Century 21 to Sponsor USA Olympic Teams

September 12, 2013

Do you love the Olympics? I really do. Although I don’t follow sports at all throughout the year, you can find me chanting, “USA USA USA” and becoming an expert on every event during the Olympics. I am practically psychotic with patriotism, and I know I drive everyone crazy, but I can’t help but feel incredibly proud when my own fellow American citizen is the best in the world at curling, or cross country skiing, or ice dancing.

This year, in addition to obnoxiously cheering on my countrymen/women, I’ll be looking for the awesome Century 21 Bobsled during the team’s World Cup Tour, and the Century 21 logos all around the US Men’s Soccer fields. Century 21 is a major sponsor of both teams, and I am so excited to check them out!

So far, so good with the US Men’s Soccer team–did you catch their match against Mexico? (USA! USA! USA!) my niece was there and obviously shares in my patriotic fervor 🙂


And here’s our superfast bobsled!

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