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Chalkboard Paint in the Nursery

September 18, 2013

For a while there, I thought that chalkboard paint was just a fad that would pass with time. Surprisingly, it seems to be sticking around, which is great, because I love it! It’s super-functional in spaces where you need to jot down notes (think the inside of a kitchen cabinet for grocery lists or a spot on the wall next to your desk to take the place of Post-It Notes), but my favorite application is in kids’ rooms. How awesome would it have been to be able to draw on the the wall as a child?

Whether you want to commit to a whole wall, or are just want to devote a small space to chalky creativity, check out these children’s rooms that feature a bit of chalkboard.

Via Shelterness

Now, an entire wall is quite a commitment, but I love that a kid would be able to make life-sized drawings.

Via House for Sale Logan Utah

Builder-grade sliding closet doors are sort of an eyesore regardless, so why not have some fun with them?

Via Project Nursery

I can’t believe how bright this room manages to be, despite those dark gray walls!

Via Couture Deco

For renters, or those who want a reversible option, there are tons of chalkboard decals that go on the wall like stickers and are completely removable. A quick Internet search will give you hundreds of options in every shape imaginable–from squares and rectangles to awesome elephants like this one.

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