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Ikea to Sell Home Solar Panels in the UK

October 1, 2013

Solar panel systems are popping up on lots of homes, and can save lots of money on your electric bill, but the up front cost can be quite prohibitive for the average family. If you’re interested in solar energy, I just read some exciting news! Home furnishing giant, Ikea, is planning to sell solar energy panel systems in their UK stores over the next 10 months. ¬†Systems will cost less than $10,000 and will reportedly save homeowners around 50% on their energy bills, in addition to the obvious environmental impact. If sales are good and the customers are satisfied, it’s just a matter of time before we start seeing them in our local stores!

Don’t worry, though, these large panels will require more than just an allen wrench and cartoon instructions to assemble, so Ikea has partnered with Hanergy, a Chinese energy corporation, to handle the installation of the systems. They’ll design a system for your home in the store, and then professionals will come out and install them for you. Check out this article on NPR for more details.

Also, watch this funny clip from 30 Rock about how Ikea is terrible for relationships. It’s funny because it’s true.

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