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Paper Things to Make at Your Desk or at Home

October 17, 2013

Confession time! Several years back, I had a the kind of desk job where I’d experience wild fluctuations in busy-ness. I’d have four days of absolutely nothing, followed by a day so crazy I’d have to stay two hours late just to catch up. It was strange and, ultimately, unsatisfying, but during my down time, I developed a major nerd habit. I started printing and folding little paper crafts and origami. My little bits and bobs added some entertainment to my boring days, and were a joy to see during times of insane chaos. 

If you’ve got some down time at work today, might I recommend printing off one of these little halloween desk decorations? Most are simple and quick, and will give your brain a little something creative to do. Refreshing!

Of course, if you actually have work to do at work, wait till you get home and share the creativity with your kids. 


This is the Halloween version of an Advent calendar. Behind each spooky door and window, there’s a fun activity to do–witch cackling contest? impromptu dance party? Awesome. Possible too involved/embarrassing for work, but awesome for the kids. From


Any Walking Dead fans out there? This zombie is pretty silly compared with the ones on TV, but I’d love to have him on my desk at work. And you can press his head down to help him chomp on braaaiins. From


These origami bats are perfect–not too hard, not too time consuming, but perfect to pin on your bulletin board, or to stick to the wall in multiples. From


Now this is some creepy origami. These skeleton hands are a bit more advanced, but the effect is pretty great. From


This little mummy is adorable, and easy for kids to fold up by themselves. Check out the werewolf and Count Dracula, too! From


This paper skeleton is so creepy/cute. Find it at


This cat and pumpkin duo are so simple to fold up, but have such a cute end product! Sweet! From


I’ve been meaning to cut out this owl mobile for over a year. I love the modern look. Also, the Made by Joel site is one that you’ll need to take a couple of hours to explore–lots of awesome ideas. From


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