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8 Off the Beaten Path Loveseats

October 30, 2013

I spent 2012 searching for the perfect sofa. I loved our old couch when I chose it, but it was dark red, and I was tired of the bold color. Unless you’ve got money to burn, it’s a good idea to buy a neutral sofa, and save the trendy patterns and colors for pillows and accent furniture. The couch I finally settled on is a super-comfy, taupe number which I love with my whole heart.

But now I’m ready to add some accent pieces to our newly neutral room. We also need more seating–our couch and two chairs isn’t cutting it. I think a loveseat is the perfect fix. Not too expensive, and plenty of exciting options available. Check out these beauties below and consider breaking up your matching sofa and loveseat set with one of these beauties.


1. Suitor Escargot Loveseat, $999

2. Antoinette Fainting Sofa, $759

3. Cassidy Ikat Loveseat, $378

4. Fiona Loveseat, $275

5. Armless Settee in Solar Flare, $475

6. Abigail Loveseat, $550

7. Floral Bird Loveseat, $315

8. Karlstad Loveseat, $479

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