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Halloween Party Tips

October 31, 2013

Every year we go through the whole rigamorole of figuring out the dates and times that Trick or Treaters will be active in our area. Every town seems to be on a different schedule, and I would hate to be unprepared for the literally hundreds of kids who rove my neighborhood every Halloween.  Not sure when your night is? check out this full listing and prepare yourself!

Usually, we have a few people over on Halloween to help with treat distribution and general merry-making. Here’s what we’re planning for tonight:

Eating this vegetarian pumpkin chili.

Filling the crock pot with Trader Joe’s spiced apple cider and plopping a bottle of bourbon right next to it. I like to stick some whole cloves into orange slices to float in the cider. It’s so pretty and smells divine!

My friends all love this soft caramel corn, and it couldn’t be easier to make. With just a few ingredients, you can make a ton of it and it’s seriously delicious.

Finger CookiesIf there’s time, I’m going to make finger cookies like I did last year. They were a hit with the kids, and the adults were a bit freaked out by them as well.








We always give out glow bracelets to Trick or Treat-ers. It makes them all more visible in the dark, which is nice, plus, you can tell who has already been to your house. If you’re into non-candy treats, they’re about the best you can do. Not that we’re against candy! We just have to compete with our rich neighbors, who give out three foot long pixie sticks and full sized chocolate bars, so we are forced to get creative. At under $10 for 100 bracelets, I think it’s a pretty good deal.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everybody!


Image, Vintage Halloween Illustration, $2 for an instant download.

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