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App Enabled Gadgets for Everything

November 4, 2013

Last weekend, we had chili for dinner, but we we had to skip my favorite chili side dish, cornbread, because I forgot to buy eggs. Yesterday, David ran out to Home Depot and found (but did not buy) the gadget that could have solved that problem, and any future egg-related problems I will have. The Egg Minder. On its surface, this is a product that you will roll your eyes at, and I’m with you. But honestly, if it were cheaper (say $20 or $30), I would buy it in a heartbeat. I’d also buy one of most of my pantry staples if they were available.

The Egg Minder is essentially an egg carton that will tell your smartphone how many eggs you have left, and will even send you a push notification when you are down to your last one. It will even tell you when your eggs will go bad.

The Egg Minder is available at Home Depot or at for $69.99. What do you think? Is it worth the price tag to never be eggless (or cornbread-less) again?


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