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Franklin County Compost Service Now Available

November 18, 2013

Do you compost?

We’ve never gotten our act together enough to compost in our backyard. We worried about the smell, the upkeep, and our own laziness when it comes to going outside to mix a pile of trash in the middle of the winter. Still, I hate to send organic matter to a landfill, when I know it would make rich, beautiful compost if I’d just put in a bit of effort. Enter Cameron Nicodemus, founder of Compost Columbus.

I just read on Columbus Underground that Nicodemus started a subscription composting service that works much like recycling. You throw your organic materials (not sure what is compostable? Click here for a list) into one of his signature blue buckets, he picks it up weekly and turns it into compost, which you can use for your garden. It only costs $5/week, and so far, this service has kept nearly 2,000 pounds of waste from the landfill!

He’ll pick up from anywhere in Franklin County, so if you’re interested in this service, contact him here.

Image from Columbus Underground

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