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Choosing Replacement Windows

December 13, 2013

I live in a drafty old house that leaks heat like a sieve. My entire neighborhood is probably a degree or two warmer than the rest of the county, thanks to the warm air that seeps from my home. The worst offenders are the windows, where the flow of frigid air makes the front of the house basically useless from December to April. If you live with older windows, you might be able to empathize. Maybe it’s time to shop for replacements?

If you’re planning to sell your home soon, or if you’re just feeling a bit woozy over your last heating bill, replacing your windows can be a major asset. Buyers are wanting more and more “green” features on homes–Energy Star appliances, programmable thermostats, insulated windows, and even solar panels are big selling points. If you’re not sure what kind of windows are sufficient for your needs, check out the Efficient Windows Collaborative, where you can input your region, the size orientation of your home, and the amount of shade you get, and their program will provide a list of windows that suit your home best.

Check them out here at and see which windows are right for you.

Image: Rustic French Window Photograph, $9.50

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