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Ohioans Swear the Most

December 16, 2013

Shut the front door! A study done by the Marchex Institute named Ohio the sweariest state in the whole gosh darn United States! Jiminy Christmas, I just can’t freakin’ believe it!

So, what’s going on, Ohio? Apparently, Marchex is the company that records many of our customer service phone calls. They recently scanned over 600,000 of those calls for the most common curse words (hint: they’re not the ones in the intro to this post haha!), and found Ohioans swore in more than one out of every 150 calls made, beating out every other state. As a native Ohioan, I find this shocking, and very interesting.

Now, I have no problem with colorful language, so what’s really bothering me about this study is not the part about the 4 letter words, but the measures of common courtesy. Ohio didn’t do so well–we are the 5th least courteous state! I think we can do better than that!

Let’s work on this, Ohio, and try for fewer f-bombs and more pleases and thank yous in 2014!

Original article found in the Atlantic

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