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Not Your Mother’s Wreath

February 13, 2014

With less than 24 hours till heaps of roses are heaped upon sweethearts everywhere, I am here to present an alternative. Wreaths. Now, I’m not talking about your mother’s decades-old eucalyptus spray, I’m talking lush, fragrant, modern wreaths that can hang on your door, welcome friends (and prospective home buyers!), and outlast any old bundle of flowers by months. Check out these options, and give your front door a Valentine this year!

This Citrus Wreath is so lush and natural. I’m sure the blend of eucalyptus, lemons, and oranges would be super fragrant and wonderful. $58 at Food 52

Bay and olive sprigs give this wreath such pretty texture and color. Once it dries, you can use the bay leaves to season your food! From Terrain $58

Succulents are still going strong in home decor, and no wonder with these gorgeous colors! From Succulent Designs, $75

This dried flower wreath will remind you that spring is coming! From NaturDesign $59



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