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Ignore the Snow. Let’s Talk Spring!

March 4, 2014

Let’s just pull our collective curtains and block out yet another snowy, below-freezing morning. Instead, why don’t we make some plans for spring, which I see on my calendar will eventually arrive? I think we’ll be surprising our daughter with a backyard swingset this year. Although ours will most likely come from Craigslist (maybe this one?), if you are at all handy, you should consider building one yourself! It’s way cheaper, and you can get all sorts of different looks that you wouldn’t find at your local big box store. Check out these tutorials:

I am digging the modern look of this swing set from

Ana White never fails to impress me with her detailed plans. Look at that tiny house!! Lots of folks have posted pictures of their finished play sets on her site,

This is so nice looking and minimal that you could put it in the front yard! I love that bold red with the black and white swings. From

And the very least handy among us can let mother nature do most of the structural work. You can’t get much simpler than a wooden plank and some rope. This version with tassels and pompons is pretty adorable, though. From DesignLoveFest

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