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10 Things to Consider Before Writing an Offer

March 5, 2014

This weekend, my husband and I plan to tour basically every home in our price range in Columbus. It will be exhausting, but hopefully, one of these homes will be right for us, and we’ll be able to write up an offer! We have lots to think about besides price, things like school districts, walkability, public transportation, and the general feel of a neighborhood will all come into play. Before we write any checks, we plan to follow most of this advice, from 

The first time we bought a home, my mom’s best advice to us was to hang out in the area for a day. There’s a big difference between what’s going on in a neighborhood in the daylight and what’s happening after dark. Plus, it gave us a chance to walk around and see the parks, restaurants, and shops that would later become our regular spots. Besides that, though, this list on encourages buyers to check out the school district, even if you don’t have kids, since that’s a great indicator that a property will retain its value, even in tough times. You should also check the crime report for the area and test your commute during rush hour. 

Check out the rest of the helpful list here

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