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Choosing a School District

March 6, 2014

One of the major factors that affects the value of a home is the success of the surrounding public schools. A great school can push an average home to a way above average price. Most resources that rank public schools rely chiefly on standardized test scores for the district, but I think we can all agree that there’s more to a great school than students who can fill in the right bubbles on a test.

Most schools survey parents each year to find out what they could improve, and what they’re doing well, and these results can tell a lot about a child’s actual experience in the school. Columbus City Schools recently released their data from these “Family Engagement Surveys” and the results are a bit surprising.

Clinton Elementary in Clintonville, which has a Great Schools score of 10/10 and is the #1 elementary school in the district, ranked #2 on parent satisfaction. It was beat out by Woodcrest Elementary on the South side of the city, which only has a 5/10 rating on So, obviously, there is more to the story here than test scores.

At the other end of things, Indian Springs Elementary, also in Clintonville, with a 7/19 on GreatSchools.orgI, also does pretty well on its standardized testing, but it ranked dead last in family satisfaction.

If you are searching for a home based on school district, check out these numbers here on this PDF released by Columbus City Schools. And read more on Columbus Underground.

Image from Columbus Underground

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