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Smells like Money

March 27, 2014

Realtors often tell their clients that smell is an important factor, and many sellers use everything from scented candles to freshly baked cookies to create a pleasant olfactory experience.

The signature smell in this luxe lobby is “Australian Coast”

The newest trend in high end real estate (think multi-million dollar condos) is a signature scent for each area of the building. The reception area of a new One Thousand Museum, a new condo project in Miami, will have a subtle aroma of a day at the beach (even though it’s not actually near the beach), while the fitness center will smell like “citrus and dark wood”, and a creamy coconut with orange flower fragrance will be pumped into the rooftop aquatic center. Can you imagine?

Read a full article about this strange phenomenon on the Wall Street Journal.

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