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Crowd Comfort: The First Crowd-Sourced Thermostat

April 1, 2014

Anyone who shares a home or workspace is all too familiar with the thermostat battle. One person’s office or floor feels too cold, while another’s is too hot, and they take turns moving the thermostat up and down all day long. One innovator has harnessed the raw data behind these nudges with Crowd Comfort, the first ever crowd-sourced thermostat. Throughout the day, Crowd Comfort asks a building’s occupants to rate their comfort. Based on that information, it can better control the temperature of various areas or floors within a single building.

Edward Graham, Crowd Comfort’s creator, says it’s “the human side of the equation” of managing a building, and he hopes to apply human data to other areas of building management as well.

Find out more here.

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