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The Alarming Clock

April 8, 2014

My alarm clock for the last five years has been my iPhone.  While I like something about the ring tones, I’m not always sure having my phone at the bedside is the best thing when I am trying to fall asleep.  I am usually tempted to pick it up just one more time and see what that last ping or chime was all about.

So as we are getting ready to move into a new place and redecorate I have found myself thinking a lot about my own bedroom space and the kind of atmosphere I want to create in the room.  Maybe the iPhone no longer needs a space on my nightstand.


I came across this great kickstarter project today and was sold.  The Alarming Clock is a new way to both wake up and go to bed. The alarm is a simulated woodpecker beak that taps on whatever you put near it. I am in love with the idea of this and the wooden and natural design.  I like the fact I can use the water filled tumbler to set the tone I want to wake too and also can have my water glass right by my bedside.


As well as the design and style this would bring to my room, I am into the idea it rings in the evening to remind me when it is time to wind down.  I think that could really help me with the unplugging time I need from that iPhone and other tech that usually fills my evening.

Check it out here on Kickstarter.




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